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Travel to China 

Explore China with ThinkChinese

In 2018, ThinkChinese organized its first trip to China. This bespoke tour was primarily designed for those who not only wish to visit China for the purpose of sightseeing, but also to experience the culture and interact with the local people. History, culture, and cuisine are the major features which separate our trip apart from all others. A group of ten people traveled including our students, their family and friends. The trip was a great success! This summer, we are due to organize our second trip – a family-friendly tour which is comfortable and affordable. More information about China trip 2019

Translating & Interpreting

Understand China without language barriers

Our translating and interpreting services are offered to a wide range of clients, including corporates, schools, and individuals. We a proud to work with a number of high profile companies in the Island, and to facilitate their venture in Asia. All our translators and interpreters are professionally trained and qualified. We offer quality work at reasonable costs. Typical content we translate include: finance or legal documents, contracts, company websites, other marketing materials or publications, business letters, business cards, etc.

Mandarin Chinese Courses

Obtain Chinese language skills

ThinkChinese provides a wide variety of courses, including Chinese GCSE, YCT certificate course for primary school children, HSK for secondary school students and adults, and BCT for corporates and professionals, fun Chinese course for toddlers, and holiday activities clubs. Our courses are offered to a wide age of group through flexible arrangements. We also provide tailored sessions for individual students, as well as Chinese culture safari workshops.

China Visa Services

For business or leisure

Visa application – our visa application guarantees hassle-free services. Generally speaking, visas will be processed within 10 working days after being received by the embassy. For urgent applicants, our fast track service enables our clients to obtain their visa in just two working days. There has been a change to the China visa policy to individual applicants. Please contact our office for any details of our services. 

Please read the important China visa notice here.