ThinkChinese partnering with Juno Education

Long gone is the time parents would choose a school for their children only because it was close to home, or because their friends said it was good. Here in the Channel Islands, while families face similar challenges to those from other parts of the world, many parents aspire to support their children in reaching their full potential. Choosing a school that can untap potential or develop it to the best of a child’s ability has become a key part of the aspiration.

It is not about the quantity of choices – each Channel Island boasts dozens of schools from primary to secondary, from non fee-paying to private. It is about understanding the suitability of any choice. And this is what Juno can bring.

Building on continued success, ThinkChinese has recently partnered with Juno Education to bring school placement and university application services in the UK to the Channel Islands. Established in 2016, ThinkChinese plays a key role in Jersey’s Chinese education. It also facilitates local businesses in the understanding and developing of relationships with China. The partnership with Juno introduces a new service to our current offering, which in turn benefits from the strong links we have developed with businesses, schools and families in the Channel Islands.

“Every child is unique. School education is a once in a lifetime experience, and parents are increasingly determined to get the decision on choice of the school right.” The Managing Director of ThinkChinese, Briony Sun, commented. “A child’s interest should be nurtured and supported in an environment where school staff are knowledgeable and experienced enough to do so.”

Juno’s founders Victoria Franklin and Antonina Kudrova added:“going to a UK school brings so many opportunities. The placement process needs to be handled with care, taking consideration of academic, cultural and a student’s personal development. So that the student can thrive in the new environment.”

Juno works closely with UK top Tier private schools, and schools that are strong in a broad range of subject areas, including music, art, drama, sports as well as more traditional academic subjects. Advisors at Juno are passionate, resourceful and extremely experienced.

“We choose Juno over others for many reasons, one of which is that they hold children’s well-being and personal development close to heart”, Briony said. She continued: “Whether families are planning to send their children to the UK, the options should be available”. 

Parents and schools can contact the ThinkChinese team directly to receive more information about the services. You are welcomed to join ThinkChinese and Juno’s first collaborative webinar – Introduction to Top UK Boarding Schools, which is specifically prepared for families in the Channel Islands. On the evening of Wednesday 9th November, join the discussion with Briony to speak with a panel of experts at Juno. Let’s explore more schooling opportunities, which you may not previously know or have considered. 

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