Youth Chinese Test (YCT)

YCT (Youth Chinese Test) is named as Youth Chinese Thriver by ThinkChinese.  is an international standardized test of Chinese proficiency. YCT is the only globally recognised Mandarin qualification for students at primary school level. No prior knowledge of Chinese is required to take part.

Through Youth Chinese Test, your child will study topics including; personal information, dates and time, food and drink and names of places! 

Children beginning their studies at Level 1 will learn their first 80 words in Mandarin! With the goal of keeping lessons fun and engaging, students will be covering the curriculum through conversation exercises, games and mini stories, all of which are infused with a knowledge of Chinese culture. 


What age can attend?
This class is most suitable for primary school students.
How long is the class?
The classes run for 1 hour, once or twice a week depending on the packages you sign up for.
Are you able to provide feedback?
Formal and informal feedback will be provided regularly. 
Are there any assessments?
At the end of each level, students can choose to sit a test to have their learning certified by Hanban. ThinkChinese will register the candidates and help them prepare for the test.