YCT (Young Chinese Thriver) is an international Chinese proficiency course. It aims to introduce the Chinese language and culture to primary school children in a fun and engaging way.

By the end of the course, students are expected to learn/able to

  • Pinyin – the Chinese phonetic alphabet
  • 70 vocabulary 
  • 10 key grammar 
  • talk about themselves (name, age, birthday and favourite food)
  • engage with simple conversations on weather, transport and hobbies
  • Chinese zodiac

We use songs, stories and role-plays in our lessons to maximise the learning experience and outcomes. We focus on bringing the language to life. Sentences we teach and words we introduce from outside the textbooks are cool and fun.

  • Lessons can be 45-60 min each time depending on arrangement.
  • Students are expected to spend 30 min after each lesson on revision and homework
  • At the end of the course, children have the option to sit a test to certify their learning. Those who pass the test will obtain a global certificate.

Primary school age is one of the best times to acquire a new language. Students are curious, absorbent and therefore progress very quickly. We realised that currently there aren’t many schools in Jersey which offer Chinese during school time. We are very willing to cater for each school’s needs, as our ultimate goal is to enable more schools and students to benefit from what we do.


16 weeks

Entry criteria

No prior learning experience required

Course fee: Upon supply


Course Factsheet



Di Zhao (赵迪)

Zhanyou Liu (刘展佑)