HSK is an international Chinese proficiency test. It evaluates the Chinese language abilities of non-native Chinese speakers in terms of using the Chinese language in their daily, academic and professional lives.

By the end of the course, you will be expected to know

  • 150 vocabulary 
  • 20 key grammar 
  • Character formation and several typical structures 
  • Sentences to use in a variety of daily, academic and work scenarios
  • Chinese culture, e.g.: tea and wedding 
  • Conventions of the Chinese names
  • Pinyin – the Chinese phonetic alphabet

  • Focus on learning to understand
  • Support students to communicate in Chinese with ease and confidence
  • A balanced approach between language and culture
  • A supportive and engaging learning environment where students can enjoy
  • Themes at Level 1 include, greetings, nationalities, travel, shopping, food, etc.

We offer group lessons typically starting with 5 people. Private lessons can also be arranged upon request, although the fee is likely to change. Each lesson lasts 60 minutes. We encourage students to have more learning time, either in class or self-study, especially for those whose ultimate goal is to gain proficiency. 

Students are expected to dedicate about 30 minutes to self-study and another 30 minutes to homework. In total, at least an hour of work is required in order to achieve the desired learning outcome. 

The course takes 16 weeks to complete. Lessons are ordinarily held for an hour in the evenings on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Although courses can be held on different days, we aim to provide sufficient flexibility to accommodate a majority of the students.

By the end of each level and should the students prefer, an assessment can be arranged to certify the student’s learning outcomes. Assessment at Level 1&2 consists of listening and reading (in Pinyin) only. There isn’t any requirement for reading or writing characters. It takes 40 min to complete. The assessment can be taken online or in the Jersey exam centre which is at ThinkChinese office.

At the end of each level, we offer two optional sessions for those who wish to contextualise their learning in the business world. These two sessions are held by Briony Sun with a focus on sharing insights into doing business in China/with the Chinese people. The session is £50 each.


4 months

Entry criteria

No previous knowledge required


Tuition: TBC

Book fee: £50




HSK Factsheet



Di Zhao (赵迪)

Zhanyou Liu (刘展佑)