Chinese Language and Mandarin Language course

HSK  (汉语水平考试) is an  international Chinese proficiency test. It evaluates the Chinese language abilities for non-native Chinese speakers in terms of using the Chinese language in their daily, academic and professional lives.

No prior knowledge is needed to begin level 1. The course will cover 150 vocabulary and about 20 key grammar under the topics including information about yourself, time and dates, shopping, weather, locations, etc. No writing or reading characters are required at this level, although students will be introduced to the fundamentals of Chinese characters and orders of strokes. 

At the end of HSK level, an optional assessment will be available for those who would like to obtain a global certificate. 


What age group is HSK suitable for?
We would recommend this course to secondary school students and adults. 
What types of classes are there available?
We offer small group lessons with 5 students maximum, pair-up lessons and private lessons. The fee is different for each type of class. Please enquire our team for more details. 
How many classes are there each week?
Subject to the preferences of the students, we usually hold lessons once a week. Each lesson lasts 60 minutes. We encourage students to have more learning time, either in class or self-study, especially for those whose ultimate goal is to gain proficiency. 
How many lessons do I need in order to complete HSK Level 1?
Depending on the pace of learning, it usually takes 16-20 lessons to complete the entire course. 
Which day of the week will the lesson be held?
Subject to the availability of the students, we will discuss the preferred time and date before the student of the course. 
Is there any homework?
Students are expected to dedicate about 30 minutes on self-study and another 30 minutes on homework. In total, at least an hour of work is required in order to achieve a desirable learning outcome. 
How is it Assessed?
At the moment, all exams are held online through Hanban UK, the exam board. We liaise directly with them to register our students and conduct exams. Exams are available every month, and students can sit it in their home or preferred environment given the current situation.