The AQA Chinese GCSE enables students to develop an overall understanding of the language in a variety of contexts. Through this two-year course, students will gain deep knowledge in vocabulary and language structures, and become able to have daily conversations under a wide number of themes. It is a great opportunity for your children to develop their academic abilities beyond the usual curriculum at Jersey schools. The understanding in the Chinese culture and the transferable language learning skills gained during learning, will make a lasting impact on the students’ future study and work.

This course is usually offered to students in Y7+, who previously have learnt Chinese for about 2 years, or have mastered about 300 vocabulary and 50 key grammar structures. There are many benefits to starting earlier than their school GCSEs in Y9, one of the most pronounced is that students are able to focus on Chinese GCSE exams only, which can generate great results and alleviates the pressure from having to complete many GCSE subjects at the end of Year 11. 


How long will the course last?
The course is usually offered for 2 years. 
How old should the children start this course?
As far as we are concerned, as long as the students are ready, we would recommend starting as early as possible. The reason is that an early completion of GCSE will enable students to pursue their Chinese study for even beyond. Generally speaking, students start when they are in Y7/8, although some students start in Y9. Is it beneficial to start early, but it is after all the students and their parents’ choice. 
When and where the lessons are held?
All lessons (unless otherwise specified) will be held in our office. Each week, we offer two separate one-hour lessons between Monday and Saturday subject to the students’ availability. The timing and dates once confirmed will be kept throughout the course whenever possible, to help students plan and manage their time.
How many classes do you hold each term?
During school term, each week we hold two lessons on different days, and there usually won’t be any lessons during half term and school holidays. Occasionally we hold one or two extra lessons pre-agreed by all students and parents, in order to introduce the exam format or conduct mock exams. 
How much homework is there?
Each lesson will be coupled by one hour homework. This means students should expect two hours of homework each week in total. Homework usually covers all aspects of the practice – speaking, listening, reading and writing. 
How are the students’ progress being assessed?
We provide written and verbal feedback ongoingly. From the second year onwards, students will be assessed on a termly basis to keep their progress in check. After each formal assessment, we provide an exam report and hold conversations with students and their parents whenever necessary. A mock test using the exam paper from the previous year will also be conducted to grade the students before their final exam. 
How do the students register for the exam?
The students will need to register with their school exam office. We can provide assistance whenever the students prefer. 
Who will be conducting the speaking exam?
The lack of qualified Chinese teachers and exams in the Island decided that it will usually be our own teachers who conduct the exam. The benefit of this is that students will feel more comfortable during the exam, and we are able to help bring out the best of their performance.
Is there extra help available?
Always! Apart from lessons during term time, we also run private lessons to help boost the students’ performance. If we feel that any student’s performance can be better in a certain area, we will get in touch with them/their parents to suggest a one-to-one session with a focus to improve that area. Alternatively, just let us know how we can be of help.