The AQA Chinese GCSE is to enable students of all abilities to develop their Chinese (Mandarin) language
skills to their full potential, equipping them with the knowledge to communicate in a variety of
contexts with confidence.

By the end of the course, you will be expected to develop skills in all areas. 


  • Demonstrate general and specific understanding of different types of spoken language
  • Follow and understand clear standard speech using familiar language across a range of specified contexts


  • Communicate and interact effectively in speech for a variety of purposes across a range of specified contexts
  • Take part in a short conversation, asking and answering questions, and exchanging opinion


  • understand and respond to different types of written language
  • understand general and specific details within texts using high-frequency familiar language across a range of contexts


  • communicate effectively in writing for a variety of purposes across a range of specified contexts
  • write short texts, using simple sentences and familiar language accurately to convey meaning and exchange information

  • Focus on learning to understand
  • Support students to develop skills in all areas and communicate in Chinese with ease and confidence
  • A balanced approach between language and culture
  • Fast-paced but well-supported
  • Efficient exam preparation enables students to reach the most of their potential

We offer 1-hour lessons twice a week, although in some cases a transitional course – 1 hour each week – could be offered prior to the official start. This transition is usually offered to new secondary students in view of helping them get used to their new school. Each lesson will be coupled with one hour of homework. This means students should expect two hours of homework each week in total. Homework usually covers all aspects of the practice – speaking, listening, reading and writing. 

The course can be taught by one teacher or co-taught by two. In the latter case, the two teachers will focus on different areas and collaborate to ensure the optimal delivery of the lessons. 

We work with individual schools to register the students. Exams dates and other information will be announced by the AQA exam board, while we keep students and parents informed of each stage.

It is worth noting that at ThinkChinese, the GCSE course is not for Y9-11 students only. In fact, we encourage students to start early whenever possible. There are a number of benefits to doing so. In general terms, lower-year students tend to have more time to spare. This could mean that they are able to spend more time on the GCSE courses and therefore progress faster and better. As their other GCSE exams will only be due in later years, they will be able to focus on Chinese, which is usually the first and only GCSE for them. With glowing results under their belt (usually the case!) students are more confident in dealing with other GCSEs.


2 years

Entry criteria

Students who have learnt Chinese for approximately 2 years, having mastered 300 vocabularies and 50 key grammar.

Course fee: Upon request


Course Factsheet



Di Zhao (赵迪)

Zhanyou Liu (刘展佑)