Chinese New Year and Dumpling workshop

About this event

The Lunar New Year is just around the corner. To bring an authentic festival celebration to Jersey, ThinkChinese is proud to offer a dumpling making event. Led by our very own Briony Sun (who, like dumplings, originates from north-east China!), this event will teach you how to make the most authentic dumplings, traditions about the New Year and a lot more. This event has proven extremely popular since we first started two years ago. Join us at 10 St James Street on Saturday 28th at 4:00 pm for one and half hours. This event is particularly suitable for families or people with an interest in Chinese food and culture.


– Making the dough, filling and wrapping techniques.

– Cooking – a quick talk on the Chinese New Year will be given while you wait for your delicious dumplings to be ready!

– Brief taster session to learn how to say “hello”, “thank you” and “goodbye” in Chinese.

Guests will be welcomed by fresh Pu’er tea – the most renowned tea produced in Yunnan Province of South China. This event is also suitable for vegetarians (though you need to let our team know beforehand), but regrettably not for vegans. If you have any other dietary requirements, please contact our team before signing up.

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