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In China, social media plays a vital role in daily life and business activities. Its functions go way beyond messaging, content-sharing and entertainment. Chinese people also use WeChat and Weibo social media for attaining news and information, shopping, personal banking, investment, payment and social activities.

Do you know any Chinese social media platforms? Here are some you really should get to know.

WeChat (微信)

WeChat is the most widely used social media platform in China, with over a billion active users. Most businesses in China and some abroad use a WeChat Official Account as their primary outlet to publish content, maintain client relationships and interact with clients directly. Apart from Mainland China, WeChat has large user groups in the US, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Weibo (微博)

Weibo has close to 600 million active users monthly making it the second largest social media platform in China. Similar to Twitter, Weibo is primarily a microblogging social network and has a high content penetrating level through reposting. The site also hosts over 400 million business pages, news outlets and many non-Chinese speaking celebrities use the page to reach out to their Chinese fanbase. 

Baidu News (百度新闻)

Zhihu (知乎)

Toutiao (头条)

As open news and information content platforms, Baidu News, Zhihu and Toutiao are the go-to websites for users to stay tuned with daily news, information and knowledge. WeChat and Weibo These platforms are much more popular among the Chinese people than online newspapers, for example China Daily or Global Times, although online newspapers can also share content to these platforms. 

There are many other platforms with hundreds millions of active users. These mentioned are broad, and therefore suitable for any business areas. 

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and (more recently) LinkedIn are unavailable in China. A strong presence on Chinese social media platforms is therefore essential to enhance your brand awareness and eventually lead to your business success. 

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