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“My son (9) and I travelled to China with ThinkChinese. The travel arrangements, accommodation and food were excellent. Our itinerary covered so many wonderful sites and we had such knowledgeable guides that it is hard pick out favourites but the cable car up to the Great Wall and a toboggan ride back down were definitely a highlight! It is a holiday we will remember for a very long time and we can’t wait to go back and explore China further.”
                                                    -Janine, Compliance Professional

Yangtze River Cruise


“I would recommend ThinkChinese’s China trip to anyone looking for a unique adventure or to broaden their cultural horizons. The knowledge of, and experience provided by, the Chinese tour guides during the trip was impressive and the added bonus of the trip being facilitated and attended by a ThinkChinese member of staff made the entire trip stress free and the positives of this cannot be understated after a day spent exploring the famous Forbidden City or the ancient walls of Xi’an. You will perhaps see the trip as a once in a lifetime opportunity, but the experience you will have and welcome you will receive from the Chinese people will no doubt leave you wanting to return. “
                                                                        – Bradley, Assistant Trust Manager 

“ThinkChinese’s summer 2018 China trip was expertly curated and very well executed. In just two well-paced weeks we experienced an array of sights, sounds and wonders throughout this vast country. From the breathtaking Terracotta Warriors to the beautiful scenery of the Yangtze, from the panoramic views of bustling Chongqing to the peaceful habitat of the pandas in Chengdu, there really was something for everyone. The food exceeded expectations. The accommodation was great. The local tour guides were friendly, informative and responsive, striving to meet any and all needs of the group. I cannot speak highly enough of the trip and would recommend it to both old and new visitors to China.”

– Phillip, Lawyer



“Since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated with China – the language, the culture and the place.  I started learning Mandarin 6 years’ ago and I went on my first trip to China in 2018 with Briony and the trip was everything I had hoped it would be!  Briony was an excellent guide and we had so much fun and really got to see China from the viewpoint of an insider, who has lived outside of China.  My first trip could not have been any better.”
                                                                                      – Lorraine, Trust Professional


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