Our WeChat Services

We guide you through each stage of your WeChat campaign, step by step, to maximise your resources and results! This will include:

  • Setting up
  • Content – translation and optimisation
  • Editing and Posting
  • Posting plan
  • Bimonthly data/performance analysis report

Setting Up

Account set-up includes registration, verification, and creating a menu page, which typically may include three main tabs – “about us”, “news” and “services”. Sub-tabs can be set up under the main tabs to help organise the content.

Content Translation and Optimisation

Text content must be translated with precision in order to strike the right tone with your target market. We are experts in translation and localisation, with solid experience producing technical translations for the industry. In addition to translation, we also help you to achieve your objectives through the optimisation of keywords, titles and content to generate more reads, likes, and wows. We also insert a WeChat ‘business card’ and link up with previous posts to enhance your overall content exposure.

Editing and Posting

Post Templates:

We design templates based on your house style and/or your marketing objectives in the Asia market. Different templates can be applied to reflect the nature of different posts, when necessary.


We edit your posts using a professional WeChat edit tool. Our photo stock is available should you wish to use it.


We can post on your behalf. Before posting, we will send a final preview. To attract the most readers possible, we would post at one of the primary posting times. Similar to prominent social media platforms over here, there are several primary posting times in a day.

Posting Plan

If you engage in our services, we can tailor a campaign plan to help you achieve your marketing objectives and organically grow your followers. A plan is essential in achieving your ultimate objective, which to many of our clients is generating business leads.

Bimonthly Report

We provide performance reports every other month, or at any frequency that our clients may require.

The report typically includes the following:

  • Number of followers/increases
  • Number of reads from each post during the period
  • Re-pushing previous content via new content, if any during the period
  • Best performing post(s) and our analysis of why
  • Pushing through our own WeChat official account, if required

Other service

PR/Communication services

Professional translation


Business/education trips to China