Immersion Programme

Is your child aged between 3-5 would like to pick up another language in an immersive environment? Our immersion Programme course offers all it needs to help your child learn a new language at their prime time.

As teachers and language enthusiasts, we are informed by trusted research that children’s linguistic capacity peaks at the age of 6 and declines as they grow older. It is with this in mind that we put together a programme which allows children in Jersey to learn Chinese from a young age in an immersive classroom environment in the hope that they can benefit from it for a lifetime. 

The Immersion Programme leader, Di Zhao, completed her MA degree in TCSOL (Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages) from Nottingham University. Prior to joining ThinkChinese, Di has 6 years experience working in a renowned bilingual nursery in Beijing. 

Our syllabus for the classes cover three themes – arts, math and daily conversations. We believe that cultivating our students’ interest in a different culture, and developing their skills through a foreign language are the keys to gaining proficiency. We also take reference from that held by mainstream English-Chinese bilingual nurseries/receptions in China. 


What age group is this programme designed for?
Our programme is designed for children between 3 – 5 years old who have not had any exposure to the language. A Senior immersion course is also available for those who have 1-2 years experience.  
Where are the lessons held?
The lessons will be held every Saturday in our office at 10 St James Street.
How long is the class?
The whole session included three 30 minutes classes with 15 minutes break in between. They add up to 2 hours in total. 
Do you run any lessons during school holiday?
Lessons are offered in line with the school term. 
What are the main materials you use in class?
All the materials we use are imported from China or Chinese schools in the UK, which mainly teach students with at least one Asian parent. This means the material is original! We use Full Brain Development Series which is the most popular learning material for children between 3-5 in China and Japan This series helps develop children’s cognition, creativity and numeracy skills. For math class, we use Shanghai Math series which is one of the best received math textbooks in China. It has been translated into English and taught in a number of schools in the U.K. The Chinese textbooks for language skills focus on reading and writing characters through poems, chants and other original texts. While learning daily conversation, students can also gain insight into the Chinese culture and literature. 
How are children’s progress being measured?
We provide formal and informal feedback regularly. Each term we will write to parents to let them know their children’s progress. We also discuss any aspects of their learning through regular communication. We also provide our own material which monitors if the benchmarks have been met at each key stage, and feedback accordingly.