Immersion programme

Combining the rigorous Chinese approach to learning and teaching with the warmth, vibrancy and richness of a Chinese prep school education, ThinkChinese created an immersive environment where pupils learn to live and learn together with respect and tolerance.

Our programme is based on well-being, arts, music, math and daily conversations. Teaching topics are developed based on these themes, through which knowledge and skills will be developed. 

  • Academic achievement: all children can succeed
  • Proficient bilingualism from childhood to adulthood
  • Cross-cultural and global competence
  • Critical consciousness for equitable access and social justice
  • Creative and innovative educational design and implementation of language immersion education

We provide formal and informal feedback regularly. Each term we will write to parents to let them know their children’s progress. We also discuss any aspects of their learning through regular communication. We also provide our own material which monitors whether the benchmarks have been met at each key stage, and feedback accordingly.

  • A safeguarding and well-being form needs to be signed prior to the start
  • Visiting our classroom and meeting our teachers beforehand are also strongly recommended
  • Besides the usual requirements of DBS and safeguarding certificates for all teachers, the Programme Leader also holds First Aid certificate. We also have a teacher who obtained a degree in learners’ psychology and is experienced in working with young children of special needs. 
  • To generate optimal learning outcomes, our teacher to students ratio is 1-5.


2 Years+

Entry criteria

3 years old and onwards

Course fee: Upon supply


Course Factsheet

Course Brochure


Di Zhao (赵迪)

Zhanyou Liu (刘展佑)