The language that leads to a world of opportunities

To reflect on the definition of “modern languages” 10 years ago alongside that of today creates an interesting juxtaposition. Back then, Modern Language departments in UK schools mainly had European languages on offer; nowadays, schools compete to introduce Chinese to their students to enable them to connect with a wider world, a dynamic culture andContinue reading “The language that leads to a world of opportunities”

Survive or Thrive? – A Tale of Sino-UK Education

Mrs Yang is well known for her appearance on BBC documentary “Are our kids tough enough? Chinese school” in 2015. The documentary evidenced her dedication to education, which was mostly impressive. Her new book “Survive or Thrive? – A Tale of Sino-UK Education” was published in March this year. In the book, Mrs Yang recordedContinue reading “Survive or Thrive? – A Tale of Sino-UK Education”

A letter from our Marketing Assistant

Hello! 大家好! Chinese language student to Marketing assistant.  I joined the ThinkChinese team about half a year ago and have already experienced and learnt a lot in this short time.   I remember walking to the office on my first day; eager to find out what I’d be doing and to start working in theContinue reading “A letter from our Marketing Assistant”

New Chinese club at Helvetia School

“Learning Chinese is so cool!” “Cannot wait to get started!” As my colleague and I walked into the classroom, the chit chat quickly quietened down. Eight students sat around two desks, bursting with excitement. We were faced by eyes filled with curiosity. I thought at that moment the girls must be wondering – can weContinue reading “New Chinese club at Helvetia School”

How to spend your money wisely when working with translators?

So you want to talk to an audience who don’t speak your language, and you   find a few translators (individuals or agencies), get a few quotes. Now what? As a professional translator and fairly sophisticated shopper, I’d like to offer my advice on how to choose a translator that gets you the best value outContinue reading “How to spend your money wisely when working with translators?”

Ten facts you need to know about the Chinese language

The Chinese language has evolved over the centuries into modern Mandarin that is spoken and written today. It is a language deeply rooted in cultural significance and modern practicality. It is fun and fascinating to learn. Here are ten facts about Chinese which we hope will give you insights to parts of the language thatContinue reading “Ten facts you need to know about the Chinese language”

Exclusive news – the HSK1 Adult Challenge class yielded great success

Results for the HSK1 exam conducted on 23rd March were released last week. Seven students taught by ThinkChinese (5 from Adult Challenge class) took the exam. All students passed, 4 of which have obtained full marks! ThinkChinese first series of Adult Challenge class started in early January this year. It endeavours to engage more adultContinue reading “Exclusive news – the HSK1 Adult Challenge class yielded great success”

Localisation – What can it do for your business?

A recent HSBC advertisement proposes five reasons why we should do business in China: It’s one of the largest global economies and growing; It’s one of the world’s largest digital economies; It has more consumers than the US and Europe combined; It’s the most attractive for inbound investment; and As a nation it is inContinue reading “Localisation – What can it do for your business?”