Business services

We recognise the importance of ensuring that our clients are equipped with the key knowledge that enables them to make an impact in a congested Chinese market. This means more than merely understanding Chinese business etiquette (though that is important, and we can talk you through it). Of primary importance is communication and our services are designed to optimise your business’s ability to speak to its target market. We do this by deploying one or more of our marketing essentials…

WeChat setup and hosting

We guide you through each stage of your WeChat campaign, step by step, to maximise your resources and results!

Translating and Interpreting

Our translating and interpreting services are offered to a wide range of clients including corporates, governments, schools and individuals. Established in 2015, our translation team has worked with a large number of high profile clients.

Events / Webinars

We organise large events with our industry partners. Here is the event schedule for 2022.

Separately, we can organise bespoke events (typically webinars) for clients seeking to market their business services and/or industry know-how to a selected audience. These events present a great platform for our clients to market their business.


The Covid-19 pandemic has restricted business and educational trips in and out of China. We are determined to make up for lost time once restrictions are lifted. You can read our monthly newsletter to stay aware of our trips to China or the visits of Chinese delegations to Jersey.

For educational trips, you can also download our brochure to take a peek at what we did previously.


Do you know what works when marketing to Chinese audiences? We can tell you all about it! To cut the chase, the audience is drawn by creative designs and bright colours with a Chinese twist. Contact our team to let us know how we can help.