Exclusive news – the HSK1 Adult Challenge class yielded great success

Results for the HSK1 exam conducted on 23rd March were released last week. Seven students taught by ThinkChinese (5 from Adult Challenge class) took the exam. All students passed, 4 of which have obtained full marks! ThinkChinese first series of Adult Challenge class started in early January this year. It endeavours to engage more adultContinue reading “Exclusive news – the HSK1 Adult Challenge class yielded great success”

Localisation – What can it do for your business?

A recent HSBC advertisement proposes five reasons why we should do business in China: It’s one of the largest global economies and growing; It’s one of the world’s largest digital economies; It has more consumers than the US and Europe combined; It’s the most attractive for inbound investment; and As a nation it is inContinue reading “Localisation – What can it do for your business?”

China’s Easter: The Qingming Festival

“Do Chinese people celebrate Easter?” the students asked curiously.  The sun shines brilliantly on England in April. Drawing on the eggs, decorating the straw hats, the students are happily preparing for the Easter. While in China, people are busy with tomb sweeping and enjoying beautiful sceneries in spring outings.  “Chinese people do not celebrate Easter.Continue reading “China’s Easter: The Qingming Festival”

Adult Challenge Class – Global Certificate in 10 Weeks

Learning Chinese to obtaining a certificate has gradually gained popularity among school students since ThinkChinese started to offer proficiency courses in 2016. For adults, studying outside work adds pressure; the time spent on learning and revision before a certificate can be contemplated have put many off from trying. To address this issue, ThinkChinese came upContinue reading “Adult Challenge Class – Global Certificate in 10 Weeks”

2018 Eisteddfod Chinese Poem Competition

The Mandarin section of the 2018 Jersey Eisteddfod Autumn festival was held on 29th November. This year, eight of our students entered into the competition from primary and secondary school level. The quality of knowledge and performance in the Eisteddfod this year has been exceptional and this truly reflects how hard the students have beenContinue reading “2018 Eisteddfod Chinese Poem Competition”

Our Start Student – Olivia Ramsay

Miss Olivia Ramsay started to learn Mandarin with ThinkChinese after having learnt the basics from a different teacher. After three months of tuition, she sat HSK Level 1 assessment, which has made her become one of the first students who sat HSK in Jersey. She achieved an overall 92%! Following that success, Olivia carried onContinue reading “Our Start Student – Olivia Ramsay”

From 5 Stars to Millions of Stars

Mr. Rudi Goritschnig, a 78-year-old gentleman came to our office one day. He explained he found us through the Summer School article published in JEP. He expressed his interest in learning Chinese with us via private lessons. With glares in his eyes, he continued: “Look, I’ve been to many places. Here is my book recordingContinue reading “From 5 Stars to Millions of Stars”

Great results for HSK and YCT exams

The result for HSK and YCT assessments taken in November 2017 has just been released. Further to our previous success, 10 HSK candidates passed their levels with an average of over 80%! Two HSK 1 candidates from Jersey College for Girls scored 200 full marks; two candidates renewed the HSK2 record we kept last year, both ofContinue reading “Great results for HSK and YCT exams”

New Courses in September 2020

🚩Mandarin Challenge (HSK Level 1) Are you someone who likes a challenge? Are you looking to try something different in the New Year? Study Mandarin and complete the HSK Level 1 in just 15 hours! This challenge is for adults who can commit to 1½ hour lessons for 10 consecutive weeks. The qualification exam is optional.Continue reading “New Courses in September 2020”