The HSK Reform 汉语考试改革

The HSK Exams are evolving!  Many of our students are familiar with the HSK exams – it is a global certificate primarily used by Chinese universities as part of the admissions process for international students, but anyone who would like to begin their journey in Chinese or prefers their learning to be certified, can takeContinue reading “The HSK Reform 汉语考试改革”

A special Chinese new year

The celebration of the Chinese New Year (春节 chūnjié) is to honour the beginning of spring when new lives and opportunities arise. It is also known as the “Spring Festival”. This year it falls on Friday 12th February, around which time thousands of miles of journeys will be made by people traveling across the countryContinue reading “A special Chinese new year”

Coronavirus detection and prevention

At The Princess of Wales hospital. NHS staff have been sent this: This is the advice given to hospital staff. It explains the virus and hopefully, how to prevent getting it. Please share with family, friends and work colleagues. Virus Detection:The simplest way to distinguish Coronavirus from a Common Cold is that the COVID-19 infectionContinue reading “Coronavirus detection and prevention”

Online Chinese courses

Dear parents, students and friends, Following on from today’s news on school closure from next Monday 23rd, we write to confirm that all our lessons will be offered on Zoom from Monday 23rd. How do the online courses work? Zoom offers practical and interactive features including chat, video and whiteboard, screen and document share. AllContinue reading “Online Chinese courses”

Online courses in anticipation of school closure

Dear parents, students and friends, Like all of you, we continue to closely monitor the concerning situation regarding COVID-19, the impact of which is already being felt and which is expected to cause widespread disruption to our daily lives in the coming period.  While there has at the time of writing been no official announcementContinue reading “Online courses in anticipation of school closure”

Immersion Programme – a platform for bilingualism

According to trusted research that children’s linguistic capacity peaks at the age of 6 and declines as they grow older. It is with this in mind that we – teachers and language enthusiasts have put together a programme which allows children in Jersey to learn Chinese from a young age in an immersive classroom environment in theContinue reading “Immersion Programme – a platform for bilingualism”

ThinkChinese Statement on Coronavirus

You will all no doubt be aware of the global coronavirus epidemic. In response to questions raised by a number of concerned parents, we write here to offer reassurances about the steps we are taking to provide awareness of any preventative measures recommended by Jersey and UK authorities to combat the spread of the virus. Continue reading “ThinkChinese Statement on Coronavirus”

Interview with a star student – Alys Williamson

September is a month filled with academic harvest for ThinkChinese. All students sitting HSK Levels 1-3 in July passed with excellent scores. Two candidates from Level 2 obtained full marks, which is the first time in ThinkChinese’s history.  Among all the achievements, one stands out for her remarkable results having only learned with us forContinue reading “Interview with a star student – Alys Williamson”