leadership jersey

Upon the invitation of Jersey Evening Post, this article was written by Briony Sun and published in the inauguration edition of Leadership Jersey.   

In 2013 I came to Jersey, then an unfamiliar Island. Now, it’s home. I soon sensed an opportunity and ThinkChinese was the result. Our team supports local schools in learning the Chinese language and culture, and facilitates Jersey businesses with communicating in the Chinese market through consultancy, events, and building social media presence and business networks. 

Leading a boutique team, I think my leadership style is democratic, innovative and tenacious. When setbacks happen, I think of my childhood and my heroine – grandma, a 92 year-old lady who has faced major obstacles in life but perseveres with grace. Her life was suddenly turned upside down aged barely 10, as the wealth owned by her family was confiscated by the government during the Revolution. Grandma’s first husband was sent to the frontline days after their marriage and never returned. During the Great Famine, she managed to feed her 5 children (4 boys) and raised them to be upstanding individuals. She is my inspiration, and her ability to withstand adversity, and prosper in its aftermath, is a great leadership trait.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” In my experience, this applies equally in life and business. To inspire people I encourage them to play to their strengths and frequently remind them of the value they bring. That is so important, especially for a small team like ThinkChinese. 

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