Online courses in anticipation of school closure

Dear parents, students and friends,

Like all of you, we continue to closely monitor the concerning situation regarding COVID-19, the impact of which is already being felt and which is expected to cause widespread disruption to our daily lives in the coming period. 

While there has at the time of writing been no official announcement as to the position Jersey’s schools will take in response to the fast-changing situation, ThinkChinese is resolved to work closely with its partner schools to minimise the impact the current situation will have on our students. It is with this in mind that our team proposes to deliver its classes online should schools close at any time. In fact, we are already in the process of switching some classes online irrespective of any stance taken by the schools. 

How do the online courses work?

The platform we use, Zoom, offers practical and interactive features including chat, video and whiteboard, screen and document share. Upon school closure, all existing lessons will be held on Zoom at the same time as they were initially scheduled. Our teachers will send a link through which our lessons can be accessed. The link can be used every week for the same group. Before the first lesson, our teachers will join the classroom 15 minutes ahead of the start to make sure all students are ready. All homework will be shared online and lesson updates will be provided weekly as usual.

What do you need to do? 

We advise you all to download Zoom to your devices (preferably computer/iPad) in advance. Check the audio and video are working fine. We also recommend using a stable network; the best way to guarantee a secure Wifi connection is usually to connect from your own home – and staying at home is certainly a good idea in present circumstances! 

New courses

To support our existing and new students with their studies, we will also be making available some new and interesting online courses which focus on vocabulary, speaking and culture differences. Details of the new courses will follow soon. 

While our lessons are still available at schools and in our office, we would recommend you observe the following measures to look after yourself and your classmates:

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap or hand sanitiser (we have some in our office, but please bring your own if you have it);
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve when sneezing and coughing;
  • Put used tissues into a bin and wash your hands;
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects (such as your phone) and surfaces;
  • Should you feel unwell, we appreciate you not coming for lessons and avoiding contact with other students.

The situation is changing everyday. We will no doubt get in touch again to follow up. Please stay well and we look forward to the next stage of your study. 

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