We are moving.

ThinkChinese is delighted to announce we are moving!

Located in St James Street, next to St James Church, the new office benefits from a great location. It is only a few minutes away from schools based on College Hill, and also within a stone’s throw of Town. 

The new office offers plenty of space for lessons and activities. It consists of three separate rooms which are planned to be turned into children, adults and private classrooms. 

With this exciting expansion, we are able to diversify our courses to accommodate different learning needs and preferences. Immersion classes for children between 4-6 years old and Chinese cooking lessons are currently on the plan, which will become available after Easter. Our team is also minded to organise events to take advantage of the space. Talks, quiz, music and art sessions will all become available once we settle in. 

While looking forward to the new chapter of the business, we’re also a little sad to be leaving Bourne House. It’s been our home since the very beginning of ThinkChinese and – despite its small size – has been an office, classroom, library and party venue, all at the same time. We believe the move to a bigger space reflects the growth and maturity of our service offering and the popularity of the Chinese language in the Island. 

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