The Sino-British Relations in the 19th century & Hong Kong and Taiwan Nowadays 

Deng Xiaoping and Margaret Thatcher
in 1982. Photo by SCMP

This September, we bring you our first workshop on Chinese history. Led by Dr Cheng Jin (Kim) from Durham University, the workshop will focus on the Sino-British Relations in the 19th century, followed by a brief history of one of the British colonies – Hong Kong. It will further compare Hong Kong with Taiwan – a special area with controversial political status. The workshop aims to offer the audience a better understanding of the current issue of Taiwan & Hong Kong through their history footing. The attitudes from the mainland Chinese will also be examined. The workshop will last approximately 1 hour, followed by a Q&A session. Please allow 1.5 hours.

Kim completed his doctoral studies and received his PhD degree in July 2019, after having obtained an MA degree (merit) in translation studies. Both degrees were obtained in Durham University. His research covers a wide range of topics related to China and Chinese history and literature. He writes articles on missionaries’ representations of China in the 19th century, resituating Orientalism into a 19th century Chinese context, and Morrison’s first biblical translation in 1823. He has also worked as a freelance translator for several years. 

Join us for a cup of oolong tea on a Friday after work. Let your thoughts brew, and the rich history is infused with the modern day.

Ticket price: £10 per person

Venue: in town (TBC)

Date and Time: Friday 27th 18:30-20:00

Book your place for this workshop by filling in the Contact Form below, or email us at

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