A letter from our Marketing Assistant

Hello! 大家好!

Chinese language student to Marketing assistant.  I joined the ThinkChinese team about half a year ago and have already experienced and learnt a lot in this short time.  

I remember walking to the office on my first day; eager to find out what I’d be doing and to start working in the team. Since that day, I have been involved with so many exciting and challenging projects and have got the opportunity to watch in the business grow and progress.

I’d like to share with you my experience of working at ThinkChinese; from what I’ve been working on and what is yet to come! Please enjoy!

my role…

My role at ThinkChinese is all-encompassing. I have had the unique opportunity to be involved with all aspects of the marketing of ThinkChinese and it has been an incredible experience. I’m thinking about where to start introducing my role to you as there are so many parts to consider!

Our team leader has provided me with a lot of flexibility in my role in terms of being able to work from both, the office and, from my home. Starting at ThinkChinese with little professional marketing experience, I was supported and encouraged to get stuck in with everything that was going on, allowing me to really explore and grow my skills. The work I’m doing at ThinkChinese can be broken down into three sections (1) research and editorial, (2) social and communication and, (3) creative. Each of these areas are so fun to work in but I’d have to say two of my most favourites are social media and creative tasks because I love sharing things with people and experiencing creatively.

  • Social media and communication

I currently manage most of ThinkChinese’s social media accounts: Facebook (ThinkChinese Mandarin Tuition), Instagram (@thinkchinesejsy) and LinkedIn. There’s a lot of fun and freedom when it comes to sharing on social media. Each week I do research into what I’m going to post. The posts normally fall under the following categories: Chinese language, Chinese news, Chinese culture and the occasional quirky post or posts about ThinkChinese’s activities!

In December last year, I proposed and managed my first Instagram marketing campaign ‘Mandarin-mas’. The campaign was like my baby at the time and it really fun to work on; plus; I think it made a big impression!

Social media is truly a great platform for us share a bit of China with our audience and to stay connected with students. I aim to post on each account 3 times a week so give us a like or a heart when you see our new content.

  • Research and editorial

This is another large area of my work and covers a lot of aspects. I have been helping researching new business opportunities and projects. This is particularly exciting as there is always something new! This may be researching social activities including movie nights, researching itineraries for travel projects or researching independent ideas to propose to the team.

I have also had the opportunity improve my copy writing skills (incredibly useful experience for practical marketing). I have been able to write scripts for interviews and videos, write original articles/letters and write professional documents for ThinkChinese as well as making business enquires.

  • Creative

Creative tasks have given me a great space to try different creative styles and work closely with the team. I have got to work on all sorts of exciting task that have utilised my creative ability. I have worked on promotional videos and posters; edited photography and graphics; and have assisting in the creation of business brochures and leaflets. It is really inspiring to work on projects that leave the business and can make an impact on awareness and engagement.

the team…

The ThinkChinese team is what makes the business special. The team as a whole are very hard working and talented in what they do. It is really a pleasure to work alongside confident, supportive women who have helped me to learn a lot as well. They’re always on-hand if I ask for guidance or have questions, which has allowed me to take on the role possibly and produce some amazing work. In the team, all ideas are welcomed and everyone is passionate about giving their best and developing their capabilities.

Open communication is key in our team, and we aim to talk, share and update each other regularly, on work and related matters. As well as the day-to-day communication, we hold team meetings and also meet with each other outside of the office for general catch-ups. As a part-time employee at ThinkChinese, these have been particularly useful for planning my work and staying connected with the office team.

But it’s not just all work! We try to have monthly team socials to create time when we can meet for coffees or lunch. Most recently, the team, myself and my classmates from HSK2 went out for dinner together to celebrate the completion of HSK1! This was a lovely experience to get to know each other and have a laugh together.

Being on the ThinkChinese team definitely feels like being a part of something special. It’s not your ordinary job. We help to bring learning and travel to people, two things which are very important to me and are equally as exciting to work on. I think education about languages and cultures are really important and fun to connect with. Being in touch with these aspects of the business and supporting the team is really rewarding work.

my closing thoughts…

The six months have been in my role have gone by so quickly – it’s crazy to think about! I spent a while thinking about this short article as I really wanted to share everything with you *haha * and I’m writing this now, I find myself reflecting on my experience at ThinkChinese both with regards to periods of hard work and to the times connecting and having fun with my team members.

I have seen ThinkChinese becoming more successful as well as seeing myself and the team becoming more confident.  As the business continues to grow and launches new, exciting ventures, I look forward to being a part of it. I’m very excited to see where ThinkChinese goes in the future. One thing is for sure, there’s a lot to come!

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