China’s Easter: The Qingming Festival

“Do Chinese people celebrate Easter?” the students asked curiously. 

The sun shines brilliantly on England in April. Drawing on the eggs, decorating the straw hats, the students are happily preparing for the Easter. While in China, people are busy with tomb sweeping and enjoying beautiful sceneries in spring outings. 

“Chinese people do not celebrate Easter. We have Qingming instead.”

Qingming and Easter are both in April and they share the same aspiration for the bursting vitality. The earth awakes, the flowers blossom, the grass grows up and the trees turn green. Both Qingming and Easter stand for people’s love and praise for life. 

“How do you celebrate Easter?”

“We eat chocolate eggs,” and every kid would answer “Stay with my family”. 

“What do we do on Qingming festival?” I asked after the videos and PPT presentations.

“On Qingming, the whole family would go to sweep their ancestors’ tombs”,“People decorate the tombs with twigs”, “Commemorate the ancestors”, “Go for spring outings”, “Flying kites”…

Therefore, both Qingming and Easter is a day for family reunion. 

But there are significant differences between Qingming and Easter. Basically, Qingming is a festival commemorating and offering sacrifices to the ancestors while Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. Chinese festivals are always related with people while most of the western festivals are closely linked with Jesus Christ. These are also the differences between the Chinese culture concerning human feelings and western religious belief in God. 

After understanding the differences and similarities between Qingming and Easter, the students made beautiful posters comparing the two festivals and therefore they knew more about the Chinese culture.


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