Adult Challenge Class – Global Certificate in 10 Weeks

Learning Chinese to obtaining a certificate has gradually gained popularity among school students since ThinkChinese started to offer proficiency courses in 2016. For adults, studying outside work adds pressure; the time spent on learning and revision before a certificate can be contemplated have put many off from trying. To address this issue, ThinkChinese came up with a solution!

Earlier this year, we re-introduced the HSK Level 1 course in a different format. The new course is taught for 1.5 hours each week and takes just 10 weeks to complete. Six students raised to the challenge. Their course is due to complete before the end of March with an assessment shortly after.

Whilst the new course has extended the learning hours by 30 minutes each week, it has shortened the total learning hours. The revision and homework will therefore increase. Generally speaking, it takes 18-20 hours in about 5 months to complete the HSK Level 1, if taught by ThinkChinese. Courses offered by other providers may take longer depending on the motivation of the students and the experience of the teachers.

HSK courses is series of courses authorised by Hanban UK, the Chinese proficiency exam board funded by the Chinese government. Hanban has committed to promote the Chinese culture and language overseas since early 2000. ThinkChinese is proud to be linked with Hanban since 2016. At the end of each level, students can choose to sit an assessment to obtain a certificate. The certificate is globally recognised. Levels beyond 3 (6 levels in total) can be used for the application of Chinese universities. Through ThinkChinese’s teaching, so far over 100 students have sat the HSK assessments in Jersey and all achieved excellent results!

Our new Adult Challenge Course starting after Easter Holiday is now recruiting. Please contact info@thinkchinese to enrol or for detailed information.

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