Our Start Student – Olivia Ramsay

IMG_1717Miss Olivia Ramsay started to learn Mandarin with ThinkChinese after having learnt the basics from a different teacher. After three months of tuition, she sat HSK Level 1 assessment, which has made her become one of the first students who sat HSK in Jersey. She achieved an overall 92%! Following that success, Olivia carried on her Chinese learning in the form of HSK2 and GCSE. She sat HSK2 a year later and obtained 96%!

Olivia plays an active role in promoting Chinese study in Jersey. Upon our invitation, she joint ThinkChinese for our Half Term High Jinks in 2017 and taught Chinese to a group of 9 primary school students at beginner level.

Olivia is also actively involved in her school events, which involves promoting Chinese study and JCG to schools in China. During the Shanghai No. 3 school’s visit to JCG in 2017, Olivia presented information about Jersey and JCG to the delegation during a reception event. The entire presentation was given in Chinese! She traveled to China twice in 2014 and 2017 to put her Chinese to test. The latter trip was with her school.

In August, we were delighted to learn that Olivia was accepted by Edinburgh University. To enable herself to appreciate the Chinese culture and learn the language in depth, Oliva has decided to pursue Chinese as her major!

We gave our best wishes to her new learning journey. We wish Olivia will enjoy her study and we look forward to meet and chat with her again soon – of course we will chat in CHINESE!

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