From 5 Stars to Millions of Stars


Mr. Rudi Goritschnig, a 78-year-old gentleman came to our office one day. He explained he found us through the Summer School article published in JEP. He expressed his interest in learning Chinese with us via private lessons. With glares in his eyes, he continued:

“Look, I’ve been to many places. Here is my book recording some of the most unforgettable experience on board. I would love to know if you can translate it into Chinese”.

“Certainly, we can!” I replied.

I’ve been reading Rudi’s book since that conversation. ‘…More than 25 years ago, Rudi and his wife Sonja left home, work, family and friends to join an overland expedition to Kathmandu. That journey was just the start of an adventure that would convey them around the across the world, from Alaska to Australia, China to Cameroon, France to French Polynesia and from Mexico to Mali…’

As Rudi explained, it is a book which records exotic and extraordinary cultures, peoples, and resorts from more than 50 countries, it is also a memoir of beautiful memories between Rudi and his wife on the way over nearly six years. But more than that, it is an inspiration to encourage people to pursue their dreams and hopes that they may never do otherwise. He dedicated this book to his beloved wife Sonja who unfortunately passed away in 2016. But this did not stop Rudi, he is still on the road, and will keep going……


Read first Chapter


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