Great results for HSK and YCT exams

The result for HSK and YCT assessments taken in November 2017 has just been released. Further to our previous success, 10 HSK candidates passed their levels with an average of over 80%! Two HSK 1 candidates from Jersey College for Girls scored 200 full marks; two candidates renewed the HSK2 record we kept last year, both of whom scored 198/200!

The result for YCT assessment is also inspiring. Eight young candidates from Victoria College Preparatory School and Les Landes School Jersey all passed their exams with an average of over 80%! A number of students achieved over 190 out of 200.

The results are testimonies of our students’ hard work and our teachers’ dedication. Looking into the new year, we are excited to take more students through adventurous linguistic journeys. We look forward to another great year in teaching.

Learn more about HSK and lessons available

Learn more about YCT and lessons available

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