New Courses in September 2020

🚩Mandarin Challenge (HSK Level 1)

Are you someone who likes a challenge? Are you looking to try something different in the New Year? Study Mandarin and complete the HSK Level 1 in just 15 hours! This challenge is for adults who can commit to 1½ hour lessons for 10 consecutive weeks. The qualification exam is optional.

Start date:  September 2020 (TBC)

Lesson time: TBC

Venue: ThinkChinese Office



🚩YCT Level 1

YCT is a series of Mandarin qualification courses for primary school children. It is the only globally recognized Mandarin qualification at primary school level. YCT consists of four levels. No pre-knowledge is required for Level 1. Topics in Level 1 include personal information, dates and time, food and drink, and names of places. All lessons are taught through conversations, games and mini stories. The context is fun and is infused with knowledge of the Chinese culture. 

Lesson time: Monday 3:10-4:10pm  

Venue: Victoria Prep School

🚩 fun club at Helvetia and JCP

Our fun club is committed on cultivating young students’ interest in the Chinese language and culture through activities, songs, Chinese stories, etc. No pre-knowledge is required for this opportunity. The lunchtime club focuses on the application of the language, which allows the Friday club students to put their knowledge into practice. Contents outside the YCT course book will also be introduced. It enhances the students’ language exposure and prompts them to learn more.

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