Excellent result in HSK 3

unnamed-1The hot Jersey summer has once again put us under the spotlight…

Results released by Hanban last week revealed that our student Miss Louise Stewart Scott has achieved a fantastic result in her HSK3 assessment. Louise scored 298 out of 300! This news came hot on the heels of the success of our first summer school and the confirmation that ThinkChinese will provide Chinese lessons in school time at VCP and JCG from September. These achievements consolidate our recent progress and re-affirm our teaching pedagogy for the HSK courses.

Louise started her Chinese learning with us over two years ago. It all started with a club in JCG, where she quickly acquired the tones, strokes, and basic sentence structures. Louise has been drawn to this beautiful language since then. Not long after, she started to pursue her study among small teaching groups, and further through private tuition. Over the past two years, she achieved remarkable results in her HSK1, HSK2 and very recently in HSK3. Louise was also the 2016 winner of the Eisteddfod Modern Language Competition, Chinese section – secondary school class. As Mrs Gao Xin, the TCFL* programme leader in Nottingham University commented:

“Such rapid yet solid progress has no doubt put Miss Scott among the advanced learners group alongside many in the UK who study a foreign language, especially one that belongs to the Afro-Asiatic system.”

As the first student in Jersey to pass HSK3, we are proud that Louise has been taught by ThinkChinese from the outset. We are delighted at this excellent outcome. She owes her achievement to consistent hard work and dedication and the quality of instruction of our staff members. Louise has been accepted by the advanced Chinese class in her new school in America. We give all our best wishes to Louise and her future study. It is hoped that more students taught by ThinkChinese will be able to take assessments at higher levels in the near future as their learning progresses.

*TCFL: Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

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