HSK Courses Explained

In 2016, we introduced the HSK courses to Jersey. Since then, questions about the courses and the honours they brought to our students, parents and us, have never ceased. We are delight to witness the growing interest of learning the Chinese language in Jersey. We are also missioned to scale the provision and let more people benefit from the great opportunities learning Chinese can bring along.

The video below together with the Course Explanation will give you a good understanding of learning Chinese in global environment and the ins and outs of starting this exciting course with ThinkChinese. Enjoy and we hope to see you on board!


What is HSK?

HSK is a series of certificate courses, which is authorized by Hanban, the only Chinese government-funded institute to promote Chinese language and culture overseas. Hanban is headquartered in Beijing and has offices in more than 220 cities in 110 countries worldwide. ThinkChinese is directly linked with Hanban UK to coordinate all certificate courses in Jersey.

HSK has six levels – Levels 1 & 2 are elementary levels, Levels 3 & 4 intermediate and Levels 5 & 6 advanced. No pre-knowledge in Mandarin is required for HSK1. The vocabulary covered in each level is shown in the chart below:

Level Vocabulary Learning time with ThinkChinese
1 150 18-22 hours
2 300 20-25 hours
3 600 60-75 hours
4 1200 Varies
5 2500 Varies
6 5000 Varies

The HSK1 course will enable you to talk about yourself, job titles, nationalities and transport. You will able be able to describe time, date, weather, and respond in simple shopping scenarios. This series of courses are suitable for adults and secondary school students.

ThinkChinese organizes lessons in small groups (usually 3-6 students) to ensure all students are taken care of. In 2016, 36 students taught by ThinkChinese took the HSK exam in JCG, the first HSK test centre in Jersey. They all passed their desired levels with excellent results, two of whom obtained full mark in HSK1! To date, nearly 200 students sat Chinese proficiency exams in JCG test centre, 6 out of which achieved full marks in HSK Level 1.

Q & A

  • When do I take the exam after my study?

ThinkChinese organizes exams three or four times a year. Generally speaking, by the end of the course there will be an exam available in just a few weeks.

  • Can I proceed to the next level without taking the exam?

Yes, you can. For some students learning is purely out of their interest. Obtaining a certificate may not be on the top of their list of priorities. We believe your level of Mandarin Chinese does not need to be proved by a certificate! However, should you change your mind any time in the future, you can always participate in the exam. In fact, you can still take exams for more advance levels even without certificates for the previous levels.

  • Where I can purchase the HSK textbooks?

For each HSK level, you need to purchase a textbook and a workbook. ThinkChinese provides textbooks and workbooks for all levels. A textbook and a workbook usually cost £35-40.

  • How much is the examination fee?

 The fee for each level is different. The cost for Level 1 is £30. There is a £10 increase for each subsequent level.

  • How much is the tuition fee?

The tuition fee for small groups is £20 per hour session per student. Fees are collected at the beginning of each term.

  • How much self-learning should I expect weekly?

Lessons will be held once a week, which covers one hour tuition. The homework varies based on the level and your motivation. All students are suggested to complete homework in their workbook after each lesson. Generally speaking, for HSK1 students, half an hour homework each week is recommended; for HSK2, it takes about 45min; and for levels above, students should invest 1-1.5hours in homework each week.

– ThinkChinese Limited

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