Travel to China with ThinkChinese 2018

ThinkChinese in cooperation with 5 Star Travel China to provide you a special and unique experience visiting China. Our bespoke tour is primarily designed for those who not only wish to visit China for the purpose of sightseeing, but also to experience the culture and interact with the local people.

In the 12 days in China, we will tour you around four distinct major cities in the north, west and the middle of the country. Yangtze River Cruise, one of the highlights of our itinerary, will enable you to embrace the ancient waters and mountains and sceneries along, which all date back to thousands of years ago.

We will also visit Chengdu Orphanage to interact with the children and donate English learning materials on behalf of our loving students and staff members. Wherever we go, ThinkChinese wishes to bring warmth and love to whoever in need.

We hope our travel creates experiences to be remembered in years to come! Click the link below to download the full itinerary:

ThinkChinese 12 Days Yangtze River Cruise China Tour



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